Tuesday, December 29, 2009

simple little treat

yesterday while browsing at the mall,
i discovered OPI's new collection, matte nail polish.
the colors are the same, only not shiny.
i decided it was time to retire the red polish
i have been sporting for the holiday season.
i decided upon my favorite color,
you don't know jacque..
luckily for me, my mom shares my adoration
for nail polish.

it's like candy that doesn't make you fat.


  1. Jane! I have a nail polish obsession too! I have to refrain from going into stores that sell it, otherwise I buy one every time I walk in. Let's have a nail polish party asap!

  2. I love that there is matte polish now and OPI is the only way to go!! I love you 2 and one day i'll have a blog you can comment on! Probably not nearly as cute though!