Sunday, January 10, 2010

so long

well tomorrow starts a new semester
and i'm not living at the deeg.
the feeling is bittersweet.
as nice as it is being at home with my family,
i will miss the deeg and all the great memories i have there.
the past two years at the deeg were amazing!
i compiled a list of things i will miss about the good old deeg:

7-11 runs on the daily
dance parties in the bathroom in front of the giant mirror
late night chat/bing sesh's in the kitchen
the white room, pink room, little shop of horrors, and the grandma room
sac of jems
staying at the sig till the wee hours of the night just laughing
pam and her amazing cooking
dg being my life
musical chairs and dancing in the chapter room
the lips of fame
staying out back in our cars chatting because we are too lazy to get out

but mostly..
constantly being around my best friends who are absolutely amazing

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