Wednesday, February 24, 2010

wordy wednesday

I have laid out my blog in such a way that each post is short and centered. I like it this way because I like simplicity. However, sometimes I like to ramble. I don't want to change the pattern of my blog, so I decided that if I ever get the urge to write a more lengthy post; I'll do so on Wednesdays-hence the name "wordy wednesday". This week I have been thinking a lot about time and how I wish I had more of it. I've been overwhelmed by schoolwork and other menial but annoying tasks on my to-do list, and it has got me to thinking; "I will feel so much better when this week is finally over". Despite how great it is to look forward to the weekend, this mindset is all too familiar. My life is not going to get any easier or any less stressful, so I need to stop 'getting through' life, because I will miss out on a lot of amazing things. I need to start embracing one day at a time; even if that day is filled with tasks I am less than thrilled about.

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