Wednesday, June 9, 2010

wednesday, time for words.

i saw this quote and loved it, i think it is so true.
i woke up smiling this morning.
whenever that happens, i know it will be a good day.
i went on an outing with katie and my mom
(which included jimmy john's!)
i got a new pair of running shoes...
apparently running shoes are supposed to be
1/2-1 inch too big on you!
don't ask me why,
that's what the guy at the store said.
well long story short,
i have big feet as it is so i was less than thrilled.
but i still love them.

on a final note,
have you ever been so excited
that your bones shake?
your arms just tingle
from the inside out
and it feels like
your heart is shaking really fast?

i have :)
lately, a lot.


  1. i love that quote! and this shouldn't be a surprise since i've already discovered we're twins, but i have to get size 10 in shoes. embarrassing. and as for "your heart shaking really fast" - that is the cutest way to describe it! Haha I love it.

    Nnd...I actually don't go to the U (unfortunately, and stress unfortunately) I'm down at the Y but I just know I've met you somewhere! I have friends who go up to the U so maybe that is our connection? Haha besides being jimmyjohn/glee/trs addicts.

  2. my bones have shaken like that janers, i can relate and im sooo excited for you!