Wednesday, September 8, 2010

oops a daisy

don't get me wrong,
i do love bubblegum.
what i don't love
is when people smack it.
it's a pet peeve of mine.
on that note,
today i was at the library
and it was pretty quiet.
by pretty quiet i mean 
you could probably hear a pen drop
(that is not a typo, i really do mean a pen).
i was at my computer for probably
20 minutes, 
and when i stood up
the fellow across from me
shot me a look,
and by look i mean glare.

then it hit me:
i, the girl who hates gum-smacking
had been smacking my gum.


  1. hahaha. so funny. that is my biggest pet peeve too!! it drives me absolutely crazy! but it's true that i sometimes catch myself doing the same thing.

  2. ah, i H A T E gum smackers too! my friends & fam get so annoyed of me getting on their cases about doing it, i'm glad i'm not alone with this hatred. i've got myself doing it too on several occasions, people never let me live it down once they catch me.

  3. my sister is the QUEEN of gum smacking and i can't stand it - haha. that and chewing apples are by far the most horrible things on planet earth.

    secondly - my roommates and i think you are the coolest girl ever. diet coke cups that reach 16 ft? haha - so insane but that is so cool!