Monday, October 4, 2010

time to fail

my heart skips a beat
when i realize 
i am almost done with school,
yet i have no idea
(no idea)
what i am going to do next.
i think,
why can't it be like when i was little?
if i wanted to take ballet, i would.
if i wanted to play soccer, i would.
if i wanted to be a singer, i would.
and although i failed terribly
at all of these things,
it didn't matter one bit
because i was not afraid of failure.
not only was i not afraid of it,
failure didn't phase me
i had absolutely nothing to lose.
i simply brushed it off
and found a new endeavor.
so now i ask,
why should it be any different now?
maybe grad school is no ballet recital,
and losing a job would be a bit harder
than losing a soccer game,
but if i hadn't failed at those little things as a child,
i never would have discovered what i love.
so there i have it,
i am no longer afraid to fail.
and that little realization
makes the future
a lot less scary,
and a lot more exciting.



  1. This is just what I needed to hear! Thanks Jane!!! Love you :)

  2. Reading this made me want to write it down in my journal for future reference! This is exactly what every 21 year old college aged student should hear. I LOVE it.