Monday, January 31, 2011

i really don't have time for this.


i am blogging because
i have a huge project
due on wednesday
and it's nowhere near complete
(i repeat, nowhere near complete).
yes, i only blog when i don't have time to.
prioritizing is not my strongest suit.
i don't know why,
but when i am all worked up about school,
the simple utterance
"lets go to maverik",
has a significant impact on my well-being.
a good diet coke 
has the power
to calm my nerves
and soothe my soul.
so thank you, maverik,
thank you, coca-cola,
and thank you, richie, for taking me there tonight.


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  2. Two user names. My bad.

    And I think blogging and watching the bachelor online are the two things I resort to when I have no time for anything.

    PS. the way you say things is always darling. I always love reading your blog! I just wish Diet Coke didn't make me sick, or else I'd try to copy cat your Eiffel Tower of d.c. cups. Still the coolest thing I've seen to this day.