Tuesday, April 19, 2011

this month's beverage of choice

i've recently 
taken a liking
to gatorade.
the one critique
i have about it
is that it has calories
(diet coke has spoiled me).
well today i discovered
that none other than
the always wonderful Maverik
has a low-calorie Gatorade
in their fountain machine.
the best part?
it tastes like a squeeze-it.


  1. have you ever had the frozen yogurt they have offered at maverick? maybe it's just the one down the street from me, but i promise your life will never be the same if you try it!

    and sending ee. cummings to strangers by mail? gah. i have found my life calling.

  2. please tell me this love of gatorade started at the bowling alley?? maybe i should have gotten some, too! yumm.