Tuesday, March 2, 2010

odd[est] craving

last night i was laying in bed
barely awake,in the stage
right before i typically drift off.
then out of the blue,
a breadstick popped into my head.
i could not get it out of my mind.
i have never had a drug addiction,
but i imagine it is something like i felt last night.
i tossed and turned for a good hour,
and could honestly not think of anything else.
my body literally ached for a breadstick.
if it had not been 2:00 am on a weekday,
i know i would have driven to a pizza shop.
i went to the kitchen
in feeble attempts to satisfy my craving.
a tortilla and cold pasta
were the closest things i could find.
to say the least,
i went to bed less than satisfied.
(photo from mccormick.com)

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