Tuesday, March 16, 2010

read at your own risk. i am not in the right state of mind to be blogging.

i will not be blogging tomorrow considering i have a packed day,
so i have decided to celebrate wordy wednesday today.
i want to start off by saying i should be writing my paper right now,
considering it needs to be finished within the next 45 minutes.
second, i don't like sitting down in a chair that is still warm
(or in my case right now, borderline hot)
from the last person who sat there, it freaks me out.
third, i think my all time favorite food is turkey sandwiches,
i eat them almost daily.
you really can't go wrong with a turkey sandwich,
and they always fill you up.
fourth, i never realized just how much work
goes into college student government campaigns!
i love love love the now party,
and i hope they all win.
fifth, my thoughts are still consumed with spring break.
i think that is why this post was so choppy and pointless.


  1. you mean you only have a 5 minute attention span too?! thank goodness it's not just me... IT'S SPRING BREAK FEVA!

  2. ew i feel the same way... i took a test today in a hot chair and i was so grossed out!

  3. Jane your so cute! I love reading your blog! I'm so jealous about your cruise, i hope you have so much fun!!!!!!!!