Saturday, April 7, 2012

zombie apocalypse

friday night
i played the funnest game
i've ever played
(aside from tennis or laser tag, of course).
zombie apocalypse.
it was terrifying,
but so much fun.
i always thought
i could survive a zombie apocalypse
(if one were to ever happen),
but now
i know i could.


  1. I'm really interested in this game.. how did you play?

    1. everyone had a nerf gun, and you turn off all the lights in the church (the chapel is the only place that's "off-limits"), and you pick a classroom as a sort of time out room. there is one zombie to start out, and they wait in the time-out room while everyone hides. the zombie comes chases after everyone, and has to grab you, like hug you, to turn you into a zombie. when this happens, you go to the timeout room to drop off your gun. if you shoot a zombie (it has to be in the head, chest, or back to count), they have to go back to the timeout room before chasing people again. it is so fun - and scary. especially when the zombies made noises ha ha

    2. oh my gosh! i want to try it sometime!

  2. This looks awesome! haha I am going to have to try it something!

  3. next ward activity. THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN. Pretty sure my husband would love me forever.