Wednesday, March 28, 2012

bbq chicken

my coworker
didn't believe me
when i told her that
i typically eat candy
for dinner
because i don't
know how to cook.
"that's okay"
she said,
"just throw some chicken
in a crock pot,
pour some sauce over it
and it will be done 
by the time you get home from work - 
it's simple."
it's simple alright,
simple for everyone but me.
it's a good thing
we have cafe rio
to back us up 
on nights like these.


  1. haha i just made this for sunday dinner. let me give you some tips. 1. You should not cook chicken in the crockpot like that for more than 4.5 hours on LOW, or else your chicken will completely dry out. 2. make sure you have enough sauce where your chicken is literally drenched & covered and there is enough for it to sit 3. liquify your sauce by adding about 1/4 cup of white vinegar. 4. add 1/2 cup of brown sugar to barbeque sauce.

  2. hahahaha this is one of the more amazing things i have ever seen! i have only used my crockpot twice.but i just use a super easy recipe book that is like meals for two or something! i dunno, try it- then you aren't making like 8 people meals! but really- i am so happy that i saw this! we definitely eat out too much!

  3. hahah I could not love this more. It makes me feel good about my cooking abilities...I ate reeses eggs for dinner 3 times last week if that tells you anything. And now I want Cafe Rio.

  4. hahahahahahahahaha.

    oh my gosh.

    i love you!

  5. I have totally had chicken meals in the crockpot turn out like this! Being a wife is hard work ;)

  6. hahaha! oh my heck.
    this is hilarious.
    i love it!