Monday, March 12, 2012

diet coke taste test

my bosses never believed me
when i said
there is such thing
as a 'good' and a 'bad' diet coke,
and that i could tell where it's from
based on the taste alone. 
so on friday,
we had a diet coke taste test.
i was blind folded
and drank each one through a straw.

i'd lie and say i got them all right,
but that would be a lie.
mcdonalds and the gas station...
i mixed them up.
i blame it on 
a bad brew from mcdonalds.
caitlin agreed.

if you notice...
there's a diet pepsi
in the mix -
i find it slightly insulting
that they thought
i couldn't guess that one.


  1. Haha I love it! I want to try!

  2. hi there! i just found your blog and i am so glad i did! i love these pictures and writing, great post! am definitely a new follower, keep up the great work! would appreciate it if you could check out my blog!


  3. i loooove this! while i may not be a diet coke fan, i do love me some coke. yeah i'm the girl who goes for the sugary stuff. mcdonalds used to be my go-to place for coke. i deemed them the best. all of a sudden astro burger took over and i crave their coke more than any other. and is it just me or do fountain drinks always taste better than the ones in a can or bottle?

  4. i admire you for this more than you know.

  5. what a fun post... =)
    nancy @ adore to adorn

  6. I definitely agree with you here! I don't drink diet often, but when I do it has to be coca cola x

  7. you are so cute.

    i love this.

  8. I agree there is difference! I am not a fan of Diet Coke in a bottle. I prefer in a cup with ice!

    Love the blog!