Thursday, March 8, 2012


his birthday
was tuesday,
and he needs to know
that he's my other half.
i love him 
more than diet coke,
chocolate donuts,
and jcrew combined
(and multiplied by infinity).
he's the funniest,
most patient,
and hardest working
person i know.
i love, love, love him.

today i spent an hour
trying to to lift him
above me
with my legs
(aka superman).
i failed,
but it was fun.
it confirmed
why i love him so much
(not that i need any convincing).


  1. I teared up a bit reading this. You are too cute

  2. this is so cute. it makes me so excited to be married.

    and yes, it's about time we became real life friends! first item on my to-do list once i move to salt lake is meet jane and go to brackers bakery!

  3. and by brackers, i actually meant mrs. backers bakery!

  4. Hi from the uk. Firstly I think your blog is so cute. Secondly I'm new to blogging, it's not too common over here. I loved reading your and hope you don't mind me continuing to. Please pop over to mine Claire